Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dagz the Goblin

Bit chuffed that Kev 'Goblinmaster' Adams has named
one of the forthcoming Rhoninstorm gobbos 'Dagz' :)

Availiable Here

Monday, 24 January 2011

Reaper Miniatures Denver

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson

Agent King from Crooked Dice

Sculpted by Andrew Rae

Sunday, 23 January 2011

First 5 for a new VSF range

Sculpted by Mike Owen

A couple more from Miniature Factory

Sculpted by Jacques-Alexander Gillois

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Havana Grey from Statuesque Miniatures

Sculpted by Andrew Rae

Isabella from Studio McVey

Sculpted by Jacques-Alexander Gillois

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tim from Grey Matter....

Cutting moulds is always fun. Basically I work on the fact that I could only get one chance to get it right, depending on the sculpting medium.
Sometimes the master sculpt will break when cutting it out of the silicone, if that happens I can't afford to do any bad cuts. If I break the master and have a useless mould then all would be very embarrassing.
I also don't like to scar the master with a scalpel blade, although sometimes it happens.[/quote]

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Another Charity Thingy update...

Tim at Grey Matter Figures now has the 3 'greens' for mastering in resin.....

From L-R Andrew's Sabrina, Seb's Kelly and Kev's Jill

In this photo, the masters have been set up for moulding in silicone.
Since then they have been vacuumed in silicon rubber.
Due to the cool weather they will not be able to be "cut" until tomorrow, a day later than normal.

Next process will be Mark and Rich casting a few resins for painting.
After that the transitional resins, will involve a lot of swearing as it is a bitch to do and can only do one cast a day

Monday, 10 January 2011

Uncle Meat from Miniature Factory

Sculpted by Jacques-Alexander Gillois

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hasslefree Minatures' Tomoko

Sculpted by Kev White

Copplestone Castings Henchman

Thursday, 6 January 2011

GOT Biker from Antenocitis Workshop

Rider sculpted by Andrew Rae

Bike by Jed

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Frothers' Charity thingy 2010

Over the summer on Frothers we've been running a Charity drive. All those that have made donations will be getting a set. Kelly was sculpted by Seb Archer of Guild of Harmony, Sabrina by Andrew Rae of Statuesque and Jill by Kev White of Hasslefree. Limited to only 100 sets these have now all been taken but if you'd like to still give a bit (and get a warm, fuzzy feeling) yu can do so here:

and if there are any spare sets they'll be allocated on a first come, first served basis to those on this list.

Photos of all 3 greens can be seen here:

Monday, 3 January 2011

Photoshoppery Part 10

10. Repeat adding images as you want. Once you're happy go to 'Layer' and select 'Flatten' and save the image and you're done :)

Hope that makes sense!

Photoshoppery Part 9

9. Repeat the Rotate, Select, Invert, Feather & Drag for the second image.

When you're ready to re-size go to 'Edit', then 'Transform' but finally select 'Again'; this will reduce the new additition to the same size as the first one.

Photoshoppery Part 8

8. Drop the dragged image onto the main picture and postition it where you want. Next go to 'Edit', pick 'Transform' and then 'Scale'. Keep a finger on the 'Shift' key and slide the selection down to the size you want......

Photoshoppery Part 7

7. Select the blue background from the new image then 'Right Click' and pick 'Select Inverse'.
Next 'Right Click' again and choose 'Feather' followed, again, by '1 Pixel'.

Then choose the 'Drag Selection' tool and start to move the image towards the first picture....

Photoshoppery Part 6

6. Now the Graduate background is in place; the choice of colours can be easily selected via the two colours on the bottom of the Tool Bar. Now move that image to one side and start on the second picture....

Rotate the new picture so the image is upright

Photoshoppery Part 5

5. Select '1 Pixel' on the Feather Menu. Then choose the 'Graduate Fill' tool and draw a straight line from top to bottom.....

Photoshoppery Part 4

4. Now the image is cropped use the 'Magic Wand' tool to start selecting the blue background. Use the 'Shift' key to add to the selection and pick out areas not selected first time.

Once the whole background is selected Right Click and go to 'Feather'....

Photoshoppery Part 3

3. Now the image is cropped it needs to be rotated. Go to 'Image', 'Rotate Image' and then select '90 CCW'....

Photoshoppery Part 2

2. Use the 'Select' tool to draw a rectangle round the figure and then go to 'Image' on the top bar and pick 'Crop'.....

Photoshoppery Part 1

Been asked to show how the backgrounds and montages were done..... so here's the start of Idiot's Guide (because an idiot is doing it!)

1. Open all the images you want to use and select the one you want to use as the main picture.....

A couple more from Statuesque

Sculpted by Andrew Rae

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hasslefree Miniatures

Sculpted by Kev White

Availiable from Mantic Games

Top Photoshoppery by Sal :)

Pesky Kids

from Hasslefree Miniatures

Sculpted by Kev White

Kitzie Rama

Metal casting from Statuesque Miniatures

Sculpted by Andrew Rae

The Major

Resin casting from Elodie Mae

Sculpted by Steve Buddle

Dürer's Rhinoceros

Resin casting from Fenris Games

Sculpted by Snuurg

APEX Agent Copper

Resin casting from Fenris Games

Sculpted by Mark Evans

APEX Agent Bennings

Resin casting from Fenris Games

Sculpted by Mark Evans